What We Solve

Coding Backlog

We stake our claim on delivering coding accuracy, compliance and fast turnaround for our clients

Shortage of Qualified Coders

We deliver the best coding expertise available to your particular workflow with guaranteed quality and turnaround times

HIPAA Compliance

Our mission is to partner with healthcare providers to optimize the management of the patient records from date of service to billing

Capturing Entitled Reimbursement

Continuously trained coders, current on the latest coding nuances, can maximize your compensation potential and help improve your revenue


KIWI-TEK staff has extensive experience in a variety of areas within the healthcare industry, but our total focus is on medical coding and all that it pertains


KIWI-TEK offers BPO coding solutions that are adaptable to any workflow, for any healthcare provider, in any location, for any patient type


With KIWI-TEK, there are no installation fees, no minimum usage is required and your coding expenses are based on actual real-time needs


With ICD-10 here, as well as other changes looming on the healthcare horizon, KIWI-TEK is constantly reviewing and updating every part of their clients coding process

Outsourced medical coding services provide a remote solution to manage patient encounters more efficiently—resulting in increased revenue potential and lower cost-per-claim expenditures. Rigorous compliance mandates and ever-changing industry standards make medical billing and coding management more complex than ever before.

Practicing medicine in the 21st century requires physicians and clinical specialists to maximize every moment of every day. For many, balancing available time and resources between administrative tasks and patient services is like walking a tightrope without a safety net. Partnering with medical coding outsourcing companies, such as KIWI-TEK, relieves undue stress, streamlines patient flow, decreases denials and posting errors, and boosts staff retention rates.

KIWI-TEK outsourced medical coding team members solve many practice challenges, saving the organization money and giving practitioners the freedom to focus on patient care and growing their businesses.

Outsourced Medical Coding Solutions for Complex Challenges

Below are common challenges and a brief description of how a dedicated medical coding service solves those pain points for medical professionals.

1. Overcome Staff Shortage

Onboarding skilled, experienced and dedicated medical coders is expensive. We deliver the best remote coding expertise available to enhance your workflow with superior quality and prompt turnaround times. Our services lower operating costs and immediately reduce stress for existing staff. You never have to invest in additional training to keep the outsourced medical coding team fully informed about ICD updates and new compliance rollouts.

2. Eliminate Coding Backlog

With an on-demand team of qualified coders, guaranteed to process accurate, compliant claims, your backlog quickly disappears and cash flow increases.

3. Improve Revenue Capture

Ongoing training provides remote medical coders with the latest information for maximizing revenue potential and identifying qualified service codes, so you never miss an opportunity to capture the highest reimbursement per patient encounter.

4. Stay Within Budget Constraints

There are no installation fees, no minimum usage is required, and your coding expenses are based on actual real-time needs with KIWI-TEK outsourced medical coding services. Each agreement is customized to your practice and financial goals.

5. Apply Accurate, Consistent Processing Rules

With a focus on medical coding and industry nuances, KIWI-TEK consistently and accurately applies all rules to ensure first-pass rates stay as close to 100 percent as possible.

6. Adjust to ICD Updates: Audits and Reviews

In fiscal 2018 alone, professional coders are dealing with 360 new codes, 226 revisions and 142 deleted codes. As an extension of your internal billing team, medical coding outsourcing companies receive and apply all code updates immediately. This means your organization won't be overwhelmed with pending or denied claims returned for invalid code review. Medical coding consultation services and continuous audit and review in the remote coding center provide your organization with a coding strategy tailored to your workflow, patient population and specialty.

7. Control Operating Costs

Controlling overhead starts with identifying bottlenecks and pain points within the medical organization. Ideal BPO coding solutions, like KIWI-TEK medical coding services, are fully adaptable to meet the unique needs of any healthcare provider, in any location and for any patient type.

8. Satisfy HIPAA Compliance Guidelines

Implement patient records management protocol to optimize patient flow from the first point of billable contact to billing. Coding processes are modified as needed to ensure compliance.

KIWI-TEK Offers Comprehensive Solutions for Complex Medical Coding Problems

Reputable outsourced medical coding services help medical professionals regain control of their revenue stream from point of service to billing. An ideal remote solution maximizes revenue potential with a fully customized, audit-informed coding plan tailored to your practice, patient pool and location.