Physician Coding Services

With changes in physician office coding and reimbursement, particularly ICD-10, MACRA and MIPS, pressure to keep up with administrative work can be costly and tedious. However, failure to maintain timely and accurate coding practices is even more costly for physician offices.

While an average claims denial rate is 5 to 10 percent, less than 5 percent is considered optimal for revenue flows. Issues in your physician medical coding processes can bump denial rates well above 10 percent. Code-based claims denials also slow revenue flow and cause rework for your staff, which means higher labor costs for you.

Finally, too many claims with questionable coding raise red flags with regulatory entities, triggering audits—a headache no physician office wants to handle. KIWI-TEK’s partnership coding solution is your practice’s best response.

Workflow Physician Medical Coding

Our pro-fee medical coding services address coding concerns for you and your staff. KIWI-TEK’s trained and certified physician coding specialists are held to a higher level of accuracy. Workflow analysis is aligned with quality measures to ensure adherence to best practices. Though our coder network is domestic, KIWI-TEK only works with professionals certified by AHIMA or the AAPC. Our standards promote physician coding services that create cleaner claims processes and faster revenue streams.

Fast Turnaround Times

With an extensive network of onsite and remote coders, we promise a 48-hour turnaround time, but most work is delivered even faster. Coding efficiency helps keep charts in order without backlogs due to employee illness, vacations or unusually busy appointment schedules. Quick turnaround times within one or two days support faster claims billing for reduced accounts receivable.

Services Customized To needs and Budget

Our pro-fee medical coding services are customized to meet your needs and budget. Our coding partnerships for physicians combine coders working in your office with coders working remotely. Integrating report services into your processes reduces the cost of the work while making a positive impact on quality and production. In addition to the benefits gained from a competent network of coders, coding leadership ensures quality so office managers, clinicians and physicians can devote more time to patient-facing processes.

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