Specializing in customized medical coding consulting services for physicians and medical facilities.

KIWI-TEK realizes that your practice or medical facility has unique needs. KIWI-TEK is a medical coding consulting company serving hospitals and practices since 2002 to provide tailored solutions to pinpoint and address a variety of health information management (HIM) situations and challenges. Our team has the experience to help your practice meet issues head on and improve processes, from managing patient records to billing. Partner with us to develop and implement a customized medical coding solution that will ensure accuracy and proper reimbursement, while also reducing costs and improving compliance.

Get To Know KIWI-TEK

KIWI-TEK offers customized medical coding solutions for hospitals, clinics, physician practices and medical facilities across the U.S. Working with highly trained U.S.-based medical coders as part of our coding services, clients benefit from a smooth transition from in-office to remote coding.

The highly trained and experienced KIWI-TEK team addresses issues around variable workloads. Our flexible service packages may be used on a full-time or part-time basis with solutions designed to offer inherent flexibility as your needs change.

Our medical coding consultants devote time and resources to help your organization meet its full potential. Use the healthcare coding and consulting services in a customized KIWI-TEK solutions and service package to address existing backlog and maximize your revenue.

KIWI-TEK Identifies Your Key Issues

Our experienced consulting team is dedicated to assessing issues and creating a medical coding services package to reduce or eliminate coding burdens and increase efficiency and revenue. Take the first step with our survey.

Some data points requested in the survey are your:

  • Specialties
  • Annual revenue
  • Use of CPT or ICD-10
  • Training costs
  • Current DNFB amount
  • Write-offs for denied claims

A customized solution depends on a clear picture of your situation. Your confidential information is reviewed by our team to provide solutions that work best for your facility or practice.

At KIWI-TEK, we don’t pretend to know you. We actually get to know you, so we can serve you more effectively. There are no off-the-shelf medical coding packages here. During your onboarding process we:

  • Take time to listen and assess your practice or facility
  • Assess and fully comprehend your coding situation including problems, specialties, workload and department structure
  • Advise you of effective, customized coding plan options

If you’re ready to get down to details that will help us refine our recommendations, consider completing the appropriate survey below. You will be guided through facts and figures to make our recommendations more precise and relevant to your situation. Your responses will be held in strictest confidence.

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