Fast and Accurate Hospital Coding

Hospital coding accuracy is critical to the patient’s experience and your organization’s financial success. According to Advisory Board, healthcare organizations lose approximately 3 percent of net revenue to claims denials, that’s enough to lower hospitals into the red. Combined with lower payer reimbursement overall, now is the time to tighten belts and cut operational cost. Taking a closer look at your coding operations and outcomes is an important first step.

Remote medical coding offers a partnership coding solution to significantly reduce or eliminate this problem. Get the speed and accuracy desired from experienced remote U.S. medical coders without the additional overhead inherent to in-house work. Get paid quickly and decrease issues with claims. Switch to a remote coding company with a proven record of providing medical coding services since 2002. Choose KIWI-TEK, a leader in remote coding services, and get the qualified medical coders you need for fast and reliable payments.

Hospital Coding

With many hospitals in the nation shedding money because of payer denial and recoupment issues, optimizing revenue cycles remains a top priority for healthcare organizations. Examining hospital medical coding processes is essential because coding is often the first link in the revenue chain. Particularly with new electronic health record (EHR) systems, incorrect coding early in the process can lead to costly and repeated errors.

Custom Facility Coding Services

Our hospital coding services are customized to meet your revenue cycle metrics. Remote coding with KIWI-TEK’s domestic specialists expedite service and communication. We work with hospitals to develop a partnership coding package and plan that meets specific turnaround and budget needs.

Why Invest In Third-Party Coding Services?

Hospital administrators have a lot to manage, particularly in today’s complex regulatory environment. Most healthcare managers don’t have time to worry about the accuracy of every code, which is why we offer a partnership coding solution.

The benefits of our hospital medical coding services include:

  • Reduced compliance risks related to more accurate, record-based coding
  • Continuous staffing coverage and 24-hour coding to reduce turnaround times on charts and claims, leading to increased cash flow and reduced accounts receivable
  • Elimination of coding backlogs due to staffing shortages because of vacations or FMLA situations
  • Positive revenue trends thanks to more comprehensive coding
  • Reduction of denials, red flags and healthcare audits due to cleaner coding on claims

Reduced Claims Denial

Most healthcare organizations experience a denial rate between15 and 20 percent on all claims. The process required to rebill or appeal denied claims takes time and money, and a large percentage of those denials can be avoided through accurate initial coding.

Our partnership coding solution includes a six-step quality assurance process to ensure accuracy, and we only work with certified, tested coders. Before coding any work, coders must pass exams related to each specialty they may be assigned for hospital coding. These precautions enable the delivery of highly precise coding services that help reduce denials.

Read this blog post to learn Denial Management Tips to Combating Improper Coding and Claims Denials.

Fast, Quality Coding

Our network of trusted coders makes scale possible without reducing turnaround times or quality. Whether you need same-day or next-day coding or have hundreds of records to code, our around-the-clock staff can help.

Find out more about our hospital coding services and how we can help drive revenue and cost savings for your facility.